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We use the latest equipment to ensure that our turning processes produce a superior product.


urning is the machine process in which cutting equipment is moved linearly as a rigid work material such as metal, plastic, wood, or a stone piece is rotated. Turning processes can be accomplished manually on a traditional lathe but is most commonly completed using computer numerical controlled (CNC) automation equipment.

There are several different tasks involved in the turning process. Facing and parting-off involves moving a cutting tool at a right angle to the axis of the rotating material. Additionally, grooving is the cutting of channels into the material, which can be done externally, internally, or at the face of the work piece. Other tasks in the turning process include drilling, boring, reaming, knurling, and threading.

Our team of experts fully understand the dynamics of turning as it pertains to prototyping and production machining. We know that your components and end products must be able to withstand significant forces and vibrations, and we use the latest equipment to ensure that our turning processes and systems produce a superior product.

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